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We have three eight-bed Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disablities located in Pocatello Idaho.  All three home are located in great neighborhoods.  

ICF/IID's services are a Medicaid funded benefit for individuals with intellectual disabilities and other related conditions. These services are provided twenty-four hours per day and require the provision of "active treatment service." Many of the individuals are non-ambulatory, have seizure disorders, behavior problems, mental illness, visual or hearing impairments, or a combination of the above. All must qualify for Medicaid assistance financially.


Active treatment service refers to a concept where residents receive assistance to help them function as independently as possible. Active treatment, as stated in the regulations, is the aggressive and organized attempt to reach each resident's fullest functional capacity. Each individual has their own rate of development, so the goals depend largely upon the skills they already possess and their needs. Each resident will receive an individually tailored program that aims at achieving their own developmental objectives.

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for Olympus Heights, McCoy and South Bannock Group Homes 

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